Hi, My Name is John.

I am a long time, dedicated Rumor Mill News Reader
and occasional listener to Rumor Mill News Radio.

I was sitting at home trying to come up with a way to help
the folks at RMN generate some money because I just love
this place and I really want to see it start to thrive financially.

I racked my brain for days, and then I came up with this idea.

I figured that I would lead by example, so I took the first step
and contacted the advertising Department at Rumor Mill News
and asked for the monthly cost to run a banner ad on RMN.

The reply came and I found out that they were running a special
which offered the banner ad spaces for HALF PRICE.

It was then that I knew I was onto something!!

I thought to myself, rather than just send in another donation,
I could take out one of those ad spaces and that would give me
a chance to talk to all of you other RMN readers and Radio listeners.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that by doing this I was able to accomplish a few things....

  • Send in some badly needed money to Rumor Mill News
  • Encourage other readers like myself to help out
  • Give an example of just one creative way to support RMN

  • and IF this idea of mine helps to generate even one more donation to Rumor Mill,
    then I did not waste my time doing all of this extra thinking and extra work
    versus just clicking on the chip-in.

    I am hoping that there are some other readers who will join me and try
    to come up with different ideas for clever ways to help support this place
    that we all love so much so that it stays around for us to enjoy for years to come.

    I know that it has been said here before many times but if even a small percent
    of those who go to RMN everyday gave one dollar a month it would add up to a
    huge amount of money every month.

    I invite everyone to join me in the RMN Reader's Creativity Club
    by sending in a donation today or by using your creative ideas
    to help generate funds for RMN and help it stay on the web.

    My thanks to all my fellow readers who rise to help this cause.

    A Dedicated RMN Reader

    Here is the Rumor Mill News Chip-in

    All Funds go directly to Rumor Mill News

    And... here is the email address that you can write to if you
    too come up with a Creative idea to help support Rumor Mill News....