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Patrick McGean’s and Doc Stump’s organic sulfur report for Dec. 26, 2011

Patrick McGean and Doc Stump wrap up the year by analyzing how society would change overnight if everyone recognized their sulfur deficiency and took action.

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Cosmic Awareness shares how to control our fears in the face of calamity

Earth is being cleansed. New realities are forming. Many long-held beliefs are withering away. Do not fear the tribulations. Rather, embrace and transcend them.

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John McTernan discusses Biblical prophecy in the context of current events

An Israeli attack on a Gaza aid vessel raises tensions. The two Koreas threaten war over a ship’s sinking. The Gulf of Mexico turns red from a toxic dispersant. Do these events signify that the End Times (Armageddon) are upon us?

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Rayelan, Robin, and Richard C. Hoagland discuss the deeper meanings of the movie, '2012'

Buy the ‘2012‘ DVD and listen to today’s broadcast with Rayelan, Robin, and Richard C. Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission to get an insider’s view of the film.

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