Liam Scheff discusses the Truth about AIDS

Liam Scheff is an investigative journalist who will be discussing the Truth about AIDS as well as the unethical administration of toxic drugs on orphans.

A prolific writer who shares his views about politics, hidden history, race, class, and culture, Liam is also an activist for children and adolescent rights and informed consent in medicine. His diverse articles have been published in such outlets as the New York Press, LA Citybeat, Boston’s Weekly Dig, Hustler, and the Guerrilla News Network. In 2004 he broke open the National Institute of Health scandal that involved government researchers who administered highly toxic, speculative drugs to New York City orphans of Black and Hispanic descent.

Liam is a vegetarian (macrobiotic-ish) and musician of happily amateur status who is more conservative than neo-lib, more liberal than neo-con, and more independent than either.

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