Follow-up talk with Dr. Fernando Bassail about his cancer treatment, Neobryxol

Dr. Robin Falkov conducts her second interview with Dr. Fernando Bassail with an update about Bryomyxol/Neobryxol, an FDA-approved treatment for cancer.

Bryomyxol/Neobryomyxol achieves immune stimulation with NO toxicity and NO side effects. It is 100% natural. The formulas use classic Homeopathic components, as well other proprietary ingredients and processing techniques.

The U.S. Corporate name is Bryomed. Listed below are the four, FDA-approved products for immune stimulation, immunomodulation and cellular energizing:

1. Neobryxol Ultra sublingual
2. Neobryxol Forte oral spray
3. Neobryxol Onco spray
4. Neobryxol Neb to be used in a nebulizer, as a respiratory therapy delivery system.

When Natural Killer (NK) cells are activated, they recognize tumor cells and protect against a wide variety of infectious microbes. They kill on contact by binding to the target and delivering chemicals that damage the cell membrane. Fluids seep in and leak out, and the cell bursts and dies.

Bryomyxol/Neobryxol rapidly activates the NK cells and Accessory Cellular Energy Path (ACE) of immune stimulation, allowing the treatment to be free of side effects.

Bryomyxol was developed in post-war Germany. It was taken to South America where it has been used in human medicine since the 1980s. Over 15,000 patients have been treated with these specific protocols from 1992 to the present. Results show that even in Stage 3 and 4 cancers, 6 out of 10 patients respond very well. Between 75-82% of Stage 4 cancer patients were in remission or cancer-free for 5 years.

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