Interview with John DiNardo: Part 2

Following up on his April 10th interview, John DiNardo returns to discuss more topics to fascinate the listener, including Planet X and the Secret of Fatima.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Science Education from Kean University, John DiNardo taught 12th grade physics at Gov. Livingston Regional High School in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

Desiring more independent scientific pursuits, he returned to his original career in electronics, working for many years with Bell Telephone Laboratories.

His physics training and knowledge provides him with the tools to acutely visualize and apply these principles to gravitational, electrical, and electromagnetic energies and forces.

2012 and the Passage of the Destroyer
Radio Special with John DiNardo
Talking Points:

The murder of Pope Pius XII
The murder of Vatican scholar Malachi Martin
The murder of “Secret of Fatima” visionary, Sister Lucia
Pope John Paul II leaks Third Secret of Fatima
The massacre of the Heaven’s Gate Cult
The murder of Dr. Robert S. Harrington
The murder of geologist Gene Shoemaker
(Comet Shoemaker-Levy namesake)

Pope John Paul II spoke of a “troubling” message, with predictions that oceans would flood entire continents and people would be annihilated instantly, by the millions. Due to its shocking content and so as not to allow the global power of Communism to interfere with the affairs of the Church, the Pope’s predecessors gave confidential information in a diplomatic way.

Source: Vox Fidei, Italian Edition, No. 10, 1981.

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