Pam McKenzie and August Dunning tell how to achieve sustainable agriculture

Today’s guests are Pam McKenzie and August Franklin Dunning, co-owners of Eco Organics that produces an amazing organic plant food product called EcoVie.

Pam McKenzie is co-owner of ASAP Products LLC and Chief Executive Officer for Eco Oganics, makers of EcoVie Ionic Plant Minerals (formerly ASAP Plant Minerals™). Originally from New Zealand, Pam was educated in economics and business and is the director of the sales, marketing and distribution division of EcoVie.

August Franklin Dunning appeared on our radio broadcast with David Hawkins and Field McConnell on April 17 and is Chief Science Officer for Eco Organics and inventor of: EcoVie Ionic Plant Minerals for all Agriculture; WholeEarth Mineral complex for human trace mineral needs; and EcoVie for Livestock, Horses and Pets. August is the director of patents, production and manufacturing divisions of ASAP. He holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in design and astrophysics and unfinished doctoral degrees in medicine, chemistry, physics, botany and biology with focus on the photochemical synthesis of phytochemical nutrients employing ionic trace ions in soil and food.

Eco Organics’ mission is to improve human and animal health by re-mineralizing depleted soil to increase the nutrient density in food. Eco Organics aims to promote global and community-sustainable agriculture and help end the cycle of soil-destructive agriculture by chemical and factory farming.

ASAP Receives Coveted OMRI Listing for ASAP Plant Minerals™
Oct 10, 2007 — /prbuzz/ — Austin, Texas
ASAP Products LLC, the manufacturer of ASAP Plant Minerals™, a macro and micro mineral organic soil amendment, announced today that the company has received official notification that ASAP Plant Minerals™ is now listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), according to Ms. Pamela McKenzie, CEO.

“This is excellent news and an important validation that our newly developed product safely delivers our mineral soil re-builder to the global organic farming industry. Because the organic gardening and growing communities will only use products that have passed the extensive review of OMRI, and are shown to be OMRI Listed®, we can now help to advance the green revolution with ASAP Plant Minerals™”, McKenzie added.

For those not familiar with OMRI, the organic community recognizes OMRI clearance of products for use in all organic agricultural applications for all crop types. OMRI is a national nonprofit organization that determines which products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed® products are used on certified organic farms.

From its Austin, Texas headquarters, ASAP researchers formulate and produce ASAP Plant Minerals™ to create rich bio-diverse soils that increase the mineral and vitamin content of organic food. The company aims to promote global, sustainable agriculture and to help end the cycle of destructive agriculture from toxic chemical and factory farming.

ASAP Plant Minerals™ provides these mineral nutrients in a unique way by providing them to the plants and micro organisms at the ionic size, saving plant energy and encouraging root growth to gather more nutrients. Bigger roots means bigger shoots.

In the words of one of our satisfied customers in Austin, “I can’t believe it! My pecan tree hadn’t produced any pecans in 26 years and now the tree is so loaded nut clusters and some of the nuts are 3 inches long.”

“We are so excited to bring this product to the organic farming movement.”

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