Ed Grimsley and Bob Oliver tell how we can reassert our rights and power

On today’s program, Ed Grimsley and Bob Oliver will discuss how Citizens Alliance groups can work together to effect change and demand truth from our government.


Ed Grimsley has been diligently working to uncover and reveal the truth about UFO’s that has been suppressed by governments around the world.

By spearheading the movement to form citizens alliance groups worldwide, Ed is enabling our global family to stand up for our rights in the face of government lies and manipulation.

By becoming Citizens Alliance members in our countries of origin, we can collectively become a Citizens World Alliance.


The sisters of Bob Oliver have been quoted as saying, “We always thought you were weird. We’ll stick with our drugs!”

At one time he was a considered to be a slow learner and a moron. He retorted, “It takes one to know one.” While Bob has learned to listen with his mouth shut when the Universe speaks, he cannot keep quiet at City Council meetings.

In his lifetime, Bob has held lively dialogs with six astronauts (all at different times), including Edgar Mitchell. Among his coterie of famous personalities, his acquaintances includes comedian Pat Paulsen and Tommy Smothers. Keenly aware that the Universe has a warped sense of humor, Bob retains his sanity while those around him lose theirs. Unlike politicians, Bob is a marvelous storyteller who does so without lying.

We are Spiritual Beings born into a conspiratorial world who live in a drug culture and a fear-based society. We reassert our rights and our power when we act locally. Citizens Alliance groups are what governments are afraid of. BOO!

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