James Martinez shares his insights on how to free ourselves from debt

James Martinez is a radio show host who has helped thousands eliminate $700 million in credit card debt by changing their mindset. Joining him is Bob Neveritt.

James Martinez has made his mark in many facets of the entertainment business, having worked as a casting director, manager, actor, and radio personality. To help create a better world through media, he has collaborated with top film and television directors to devise meaningful programming on modern finance and its psychological effects on society. James discovered that questioning the establishment on the nature of banking as well as challenging the credit card companies through consumer protection practices had to be done.

After years of study, James learned how to eliminate millions of dollars in “alleged” credit card debts, long before directors such as Aaron Russo (Freedom to Fascism), James Scurlock (Maxed Out), and Danny Schechter (In Debt We Trust), began educating audiences about the tactics credit card companies use against their holders.

While there’s so much more work to do than just getting out of debt, it’s an ideal starting point for many people who have felt trapped and financially strapped by the powerful forces that control their lives. Taking advantage of his insider contacts at The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Warburg, James has developed legal and unique solutions that help people implement the necessary changes to lift themselves out of their financial prisons.

In 2008, James was elected to the Board of Directors of the Marshal McLuhan Center on Global Communications. He previously served on the Board at the Freedom of Thought Foundation created by the late Walter Bowart, the world-renowned hypnotherapist and author of “Operation Mind Control.” James has studied the behavior modalities associated with debt consciousness and began uncovering the tools to inspire behavior modification in a generation tragically affected by credit card debt. In this time of suicide, broken families, and bankruptcy, James Martinez has managed to help thousands to get their life back and see their world from a new perspective.

His Achieve Radio show, Cash Flow!, has burst into global consciousness, incorporating investigative reporting, eyewitness accounts, and esoteric mass psychological theories and analysis. Cash Flow! is the antidote for economic future shock. James Martinez is the world’s first radio talk show host to uncover the full truth about banking while offering remedies to people all over the world. He features corporate and intelligence agency consultant Bob Neveritt on the ramifications of the new means of communication on old forms of expression, such as warfare, education, medicine, entertainment, and politics.

During the broadcast, we will briefly cover the topic of Cold Fusion that was recently aired on CBS 60 Minutes.

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