Roger Tolces tells us how to defend against illegal wiretaps

Are you under surveillance? Do you hear voices in your head? If so, listen to Roger Tolces, a Private Investigator who specializes in electronic countermeasures.

Electronic harassment occurs when a third party uses an electronic device to invade your personal space or property for the purpose of causing bodily harm or gathering information illegally. During the past 30 years, Roger Tolces, a Los Angeles-based Private Eye, has found and removed illegal wiretaps and bugging devices at over 2500 locations. Using counter-surveillance equipment valued at more than $100,000, Roger specializes in helping victims of electronic harassment and mind control.

Roger describes the numerous ways in which the privacy rights of U.S. citizens have been eroded since the passage of The Patriot Act. Today, governments and law enforcement agencies can throw a switch and listen to all your phone calls and gain access to your computer without needing judicial authorization.

Roger says that it is truly a question of “who the real crooks and criminals are,” as he describes an astonishing array of electronic harassment devices that are in use. Many clients have told him that they feel as though they are being used as guinea pigs in covert experiments.

One device is a microwave energy beam that can “make people hear voices in their head.” These voices can cause their intended victims to commit suicide. To counteract the nefarious effect of these beams, Roger recommends use of the product Eccosorb, which absorbs microwaves.

Roger has detected bio-chips in his clients’ heads that could be used as tracking devices. “I instruct my clients to carry a video camera in order to take pictures of people in the program who may be observing their subject. This kind of documentation can also show that clients aren’t just imagining the harassment or going nuts.”

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