When iON Speaks, Pay Attention and Listen

Joining James Martinez and Bob Neveritt on today’s program is iON, a mystical teacher who will enlighten us with his words of wisdom.

Bob Neveritt, who participated in our April 24th broadcast with James Martinez, provided this brief commentary:

Our communication environments from the printing press on were layered over and through our older linguistic environments. Humans were inevitably servo-mechanisms of those massive landscapes. Satellite technology was the last of that kind.

As digital communications developed, they gradually shrunk those massive techno-environments and inaugurated a new kind of autonomy for our Chemical Body in relation to the previous scapes. Now, radio, TV, newspaper, and books can be stored inside your tiny and invisible, personal mobile devices. These older media become after-images (or memes) as well as huge bureaucracies to preserve the wealth they’d created. They don’t go away.

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