Lilo Ccoyllor: Devoted Shaman and Visionary

How many people sell everything they once owned and move to another country to follow their heart’s dream? Listen closely as Lilo Ccoyllor tells her story.

LILO CCOYLLOR (pronounced LEE-lo CO lee yor) took a vacation to Peru 10 years ago. That experience changed her life completely. Peru touched her heart like nothing had ever done before. She literally came home, sold everything, and moved to Peru.

Lilo organizes shamanic journeys for groups that are held at a retreat she created called “Casa De La Serenidad.” Her retreat is located near Macho Picchu in Santa Maria, a small town outside of Cusco. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to design and build something of this nature in a Third World country, especially when you are a woman.

Lilo is a devoted shaman and visionary with a diverse cultural and educational background. Her expertise in transformational healing and higher consciousness work is a unique blend of her knowledge of Peruvian and Native American Shamanism, Ceremonies, Rituals, Regression and Inner Child work, and Intuitive Counseling.

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