Meet Erial Ali: Writer, Artist, Storyteller, Musician, Visionary

Erial Ali has been drawing since he was 3 years old and will share aspects of his amazing gifts during today’s broadcast.

Erial Writes:

“I’m an artist in search of the Wonder of Wonders. It appears sometimes as an exceptional piece art, or an idea,. A moment of revelation can attract it into being.”

“To hold the Darkness within us as we open to the Light allows a Transformation to take place.”

Erial will be presenting his brand new art form at the UFO’s, Ancient Mysteries and Beyond conference that is scheduled to take place in the Mt. Shasta area on June 12-14, 2009. Guest speakers at the conference include Michael Cremo, Sonia Barrett, Jonathon Shalomar, and Rayelan Allan.

His special DVD slideshow/movie is entitled “Divine Illuminations” and will include music recorded by Dov and other special guest musicians.

Click the link below for a short description of the DVD project that consists of a series of visionary paintings set to music that build toward a culmination of metaphysical ideas.

The Story of Divine Illuminations – 2012 and Beyond

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