Philip Coppens helps us understand the pyramids and other mysteries

Our guest is Philip Coppens, whose books have provided readers with new insights into the Knights Templars, the ancient pyramids, and The Da Vinci Code.

Philip Coppens (born 1971) started his career as an investigative journalist covering politics and intelligence agencies. His detailed research into the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy’s alleged assassin, was used by a US government inquiry in 1994.

In 1995, he and Herman Hegge co-founded Frontier Magazine (formerly Frontier 2000) that they produced for newsstands in Belgium and the Netherlands. Since that time, Frontier Bookshop and Frontier Publishing have been added as subsidiaries of Frontier Sciences Foundation, while Frontier Magazine continues to publish groundbreaking articles, including one about the existence of pyramids in China.

Philip’s articles appear in other magazines (Fortean Times, NEXUS, Mysterien, New Dawn, Atlantis Rising, Ancient American, Paranoia Magazine) and he has been a featured guest on radio (Swiss International Radio, Dreamland Radio, RedIce Creations) and television (Kanaal 2, VRT news, RaiDue, Edge Media TV).

In 1999 he was the principal researcher for Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince on a book project called The Stargate Conspiracy that investigated why some modern-day politicians were apparently obsessed with ancient Egypt. A prolific writer and historian, his books include:

• The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel (2002) was a book about the enigmatic Scottish chapel and its relationship with freemasonry and the Knights Templars. Dutch and Italian versions were released in 2005.
• The Canopus Revelation (2004) described the lore of the star Canopus in ancient cultures.
• De Da Vinci Code Ontcijferd (2004), written in Dutch, served as a high-level introduction to the mysteries incorporated in The Da Vinci Code.
• The Secret Vault (2006), co-authored with André Douzet, described the existence of an underground complex in Notre-Dame-de-Marceille that was first discovered by Jos Bertaulet, a friend of Philip’s who died in 1995.
• Land of the Gods (2007) focused on the prehistory of Southern Scotland and the myth of King Arthur.
• The New Pyramid Age (2007) detailed the most recent discoveries that have changed our understanding of pyramids.
• La Quête de Saunière / The Search of Saunière (2008) was published in French with co-author André Douzet.
• Servants of the Grail (2009) identified real people encoded into the medieval Grail legends.

Philip is vice president of Société Perillos and serve as president of the society’s branch in England. In 2008, he organised the Histories and Mysteries Conference in Edinburgh that included the first public display of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull. He lives in North Berwick in the UK.

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