Brian Josepher confirms secret deal with Iran known as The October Surprise

Brian Josepher’s book, “The Complete and ExtraOrdinary History of the October Surprise,” shows how our current dealings with Iran had their origins in October 1980.

Did the Reagan campaign sign a deal with Khomeini’s Iran to delay the release of the American hostages held in Tehran until after the presidential election of 1980, thereby assuring Ronald Reagan’s election victory over President Carter?

“The answer is yes,” Josepher says, “and, for the first time, I have incontrovertible proof. I’ll give you a teaser. There was a very connected, very effective CIA agent in Iran during the reign of the Shah. After President Carter came to power, he lost his job. Carter gutted the CIA in what the agency refers to as the ‘Halloween Massacre.’ In fact, scores of agents suddenly found themselves unemployed. They were angry and bitter, and many volunteered to work for the Reagan/Bush campaign in 1980, especially given the added attraction of a former CIA chief as the vice presidential candidate. The agents even gave themselves a nickname: ‘Spooks for Bush.'”

“This agent became a prominent ‘Spook for Bush.’ He served as Bush’s personal liaison during the last few months of the presidential election. In that role, he played a part in the October Surprise. He is coming forward with his story for the first time. Why now? Why not before? He returned to the CIA after Reagan/Bush took office. He switched his area of concentration from Iran to Iraq. In 2003, he was outed by Republican operatives during the Valerie Plame case. By coming forward and outing all the Republican operatives in on the October Surprise now, he is getting his revenge.”

“The Complete and ExtraOrdinary History of the October Surprise” is a faux history.

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