Barry Carter tells how ORMUS does amazing things like improving plant growth

Barry Carter is a leading authority on a substance called ORMUS, aka White Powder Gold, which is the focus of Laurence Gardner’s Lost Secret of the Sacred Ark.

ORMUS elements are precious metals in a natural, non-metallic form that exhibit strange properties. For example, they can disappear, levitate, or pass through solid objects. They appear to be related to ancient alchemical materials and have been linked to the Biblical manna, shewbread, King Solomon’s gold, and the Egyptian mfktz described by Mr. Gardner. ORMUS elements have been extracted from the air, water and the ground. Their relative abundance makes them quite easy to extract and concentrate using simple chemical and mechanical methods.

Barry Carter has been working with ORMUS elements since 1989 and travels around the world giving presentations on the historic contexts, biological implications, increasing scientific documentation, and practical engineering applications of this extraordinary substance. In his presentations, Barry provides audiences with the notion and realization that this substance could change the world in magnificent ways!

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