Charles Ostman describes how nanotechnology will affect our lives

Our guest is Charles Ostman, whose developmental work involving artificial intelligence, physics and nanotechnology has played a key role in shaping our futures.

Charles Ostman has written several books, including CyberLife and Secrets. He holds a number of key positions, including:

• Member of the science advisory board of Nanothinc, a Nanotechnology focus and development group based in San Francisco.
• Senior fellow of the Institute for Global Futures.
• Science editor of Mondo 2000, a technology and future culture magazine based in Berkeley.
• Technical editor/author for Midnight Engineering, a technical trade journal which addresses the entrepreneurial engineering community.

Charles is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. On June 21, 2009, he will be giving a presentation at the San Francisco Tesla Society entitled, Evolution into the Next Paradigm – Quantum Biology, Collective Consciousness, and the Proactive Manifestation of Future History.

“My mission, and my hope, is to harness these tools, and apply them accordingly. I carry no delusions of assured success, only a compelling passion to try…”

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