Alfred Webre, father of Exopolitics, warns against the weaponization of Outer Space

Our guest is Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed., who has worked for years to prevent the weaponization of space.

Alfred Webre is an author, futurist, international lawyer, peace advocate, environmental activist, space activist, and radio talk show host. He serves as the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), dedicated to transforming the permanent war economy into a peaceful, cooperative, sustainable, New Energy-based Space Age society, preventing the weaponization of space, and supporting cooperation amongst Life in the Universe. He is a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty to ban all space-based weapons and warfare in space, and establish an independent outer space peace-keeping agency to monitor outer space and enforce the ban.

Alfred has been a delegate to the UNISPACE Outer Space Conference and NGO representative at the United Nations (Communications Coordination Committee for the UN; UN Second Special Session on Disarmament).

Alfred is known as the founding father of Exopolitics, the new political science of outer space, the science of relations between human society and other intelligent civilizations. Alfred’s book, EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE is the evolution of his groundbreaking work as a Futurist at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where, in 1977, he directed a proposed extraterrestrial communication study project for the Carter White House.

Exopolitics turns the dominant view of our Universe upside down. Exopolitics reveals that we live on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, and highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, and multi-dimensional Universe society. It explores why Earth seems to have been quarantined for eons from a more evolved Universe society. Exopolitics suggests specific steps to end our isolation, by reaching out to the technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations that are engaging our world at this unique, challenging time in human history.

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  1. I would like to comment on how great the talk was and am very pleased that the global mind is starting to become aware that life is much bigger and has many more life forms and beings than what we see on earth.

    I very much look forward to the time of official first contact and from what I hear, it is quite close. Thanks again..

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