Kevin P. Miller shares how his films deal with global politics and health freedoms

Kevin Miller has written and produced a number of award-winning films on global politics and medical freedom of choice (e.g., We Become Silent, The War Within).

His latest documentary, GENERATION Rx, was released on November 11, 2008.

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  1. Another great talk. More people are becoming aware that our current system is corrupt and is not geared to help the “little people” but only designed to funnel the money from the masses to a very few hands.

    This is the same in the health industry as well. It has not been the intention for a very long time to cure illness, but instead to create a society that is made to consume an ever increasing number of unhealthy foods that actually create an environment of sickness and ill health.

    The pharmaceutical industry is a multi billion dollar business and can only make those kinds of profits by having a population of sick and by and large unhealthy people.

    On top of that, the master plan of these evil companies is to bring in what is called “codex alimentarius”. This bill will make it that everyone will have to go to the doctor for a prescription to get basic health supplements that can be obtained at present from any health for store.

    I feel these people will fail but it just goes to show the state of our present system. The more people wake up to these realities the quicker we can have a system that is for the people.

    Regards Daniel

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