James Barrett tells how The Silent Gospel helps to ascend biologically

James Barrett will provide his expert commentary about The Silent Gospel (the Shroud of Turin) that has been the subject of debate for the last 35 years.

The Silent Gospel is the wordless message left behind by the imprinted images — a complex testament left by the object’s creator that was apparently destined for these specific times when the technology to fully explore and reveal the depth of the mystery would be available.

The Silent Gospel exposes the intent and underlying meaning held within this ancient artifact.

The Silent Gospel uses Eastern and Western philosophies and their sciences in grounding a plausible explanation for the creation of the Shroud of Turin. In doing so, it outlines a psychophysical process known in mystical traditions as the “Final” or “Great Completion,” the attainment of the “Body of Light,” and “The Kingdom of Light.”

The Silent Gospel reveals “ascension” to be a psychophysical process of unifying identities (aspects of self), which when idealized (perfected unification), ends in this rare event organically (biological ascension), which is a phase transition to higher symmetry states.

The Silent Gospel is a blueprint for Biological Ascension with a foundation built on Heart Intelligence research supporting the Sacred-Immaculate or Purified Heart.

The Silent Gospel shows how Ascension results from a uniquely coherent resonant attunement of self (Self-realization) to that creative no-time realm of infinite potential and possibilities.

“Nothing is more paranormal then the physical body dissolving into a flash of light or having the body not corrupt at death, even when in the ground for hundreds of years!”

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