Global Warming is becoming hard to sell: Just ask Rob Roselli

Rob Roselli is a civil engineer who will tell us how environmentalists are doing more harm than good by their insistent demands in the climate change debate.

It’s the start of the hurricane season in North America and the forecast doesn’t feed into the doomsday-scenario platform of the environmentalists. After another winter that was even colder and longer than the one before, meteorology experts have predicted a hurricane season that, at worst, will be about average.

Rob Roselli writes, “Calling it global warming or climate change doesn’t make a difference. The models of this theory, unlike those vetted under any other branch of science, have no proven, documented verification. In fact, scientific data contradicts the theory. And, yet, it’s influencing and driving domestic and foreign policy. If anything is indisputable, it’s the dangerous consequences of this.”

Examples of such dangerous consequences include the loss of millions of lives in Africa due to the ozone-hole scare, the reduction in worldwide food supplies as a result of the global warming-inspired ethanol fuel project, and the increase in malaria cases due to the banning of DDT.

In demand as a public speaker, Roselli is on a mission to apply light to darkness via its many forms.

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