Ron Greiner discusses the ObamaCare plan and media's refusal to oppose it

Insurance expert Ron Greiner discusses the lack of opposition coverage to the proposed health care bill concurrent with ABC News’ move into the White House.

Ron Greiner is founder of the Insurance Processing Corporation that is based in Florida. Ron says that the bitter taste of the health care bill that politicians are attempting to shove down our throats is nothing more than an over-priced, government HMO that is hardly the best available alternative when solutions such as tax-free Health Savings Accounts already exist. HSAs are Ron’s ‘antidote’ for socialized medicine.

“At the core of the newly proposed mandate is that all Americans must buy health insurance. Unfortunately, the government will be doing the selling, so there will be no managed competition among agents. And we all know how the consumer fares when there’s no competition. Worse yet, the ‘community rating’ concept means there will be no medical underwriting. So, the young and healthy will pay a lot more to spread the risk,” said Greiner.

On one hand, the American Medical Association is dismayed by President Obama’s proposal to help pay for expanded health care coverage by cutting Medicare payments to hospitals. In addition, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes any bill that includes a new government insurance option, a mandate that requires businesses to provide health coverage to employees or pay a fine, and the creation of a federal board to set and dictate insurance benefits.

Virtually no one in the U.S. other than President Obama, liberal Democrats, and the mainstream news media is in favor of socialized health care. Yet, where is the opposition news coverage?

The bottom-line answer is, you won’t see any opposition from the media. That is, unless YOU do something about it.

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