Barbara Gluck discusses her experiences as a photojournalist covering the Vietnam War

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Barbara Gluck, an American photojournalist and writer who was one of only three female photographers to cover the Vietnam War.

Barbara was the only photographer (and certainly the only woman) to:

* fly a 14-hour B-52 bombing mission over North Vietnam from the Strategic Air Command Base in Guam.

* fly on and off aircraft carriers (USS Kitty Hawk and USS Saratoga) to cover the pilots bombing Vietnam (the only woman traveling with 5,000 men on board).

* spend 24 hours with the enemy — the Viet Cong — in their territory.

All of these were New York Times assignments that she initiated. She was interested in covering the war in ways and in places it was not commonly covered. Her courage to risk was always present.

Click here for more information about Barbara Gluck.

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