Robert Singer tells why he became a vegetarian after 9/11

Robert Singer is an entrepreneur who has authored numerous web articles about politics and the financial and environmental implications of our consumer society.

His works include:

• Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone (21 Jan 2009) is a biting analysis of the Federal Reserve.
• Meat, Milk and Motors: The New China Syndrome (16 Feb 2009) is an essay about China that appeared as the Top World Story on the Pakistan Daily website for over a week.
• The Monsanto Connection (30 Apr 2009) is another article that achieved broad distribution.

A number of popular websites have carried his writings, including Marketoracle, Silverseek, Goldseek, Daylife, LAprogressive, Canadafreepress, Opednews, Unfiltered News, and

A book on the Federal Reserve is forthcoming.

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