Dr. Andrew Moulden tells how vaccines impair blood flow and cause strokes

Dr. Andrew Moulden is the inventor of non-invasive medical imaging technologies that clearly show how vaccines and pharmaceutical products can cause strokes.

Dr. Moulden walked away from his clinical practice, as he clearly understood how western medicine has become the leading cause of death in Canada. President and CEO of CNAPS Medical Devices, Inc., Dr. Moulden is Resident Editor for the Ontario Psychiatric Association and is a part-time Professor at Atlantic Baptists University in Moncton, New Brunswick. The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit considers Dr. Moulden an expert witness in cases involving vaccine injuries.

Medical devices developed by Dr. Moulden demonstrate how vaccines, infectious disease, and many pharmaceutical products restrict blood flow and impair oxygen delivery to the brain that can lead to a variety of maladies, including autism, sudden infant death, learning disability, dementia, attention deficit disorder, infantile paralysis, strokes (ischemia), and some forms of cancer and chronic illness.

Dr. Moulden is committed to improving the Canadian health care system and rallying an international team of biomedical experts and health care practitioners to bring non-prescription health care treatments and choices to the Canadian people. Nominated for leadership of the Canadian Action Party, Dr. Moulden has both answers and solutions to many of the chronic health issues we face today.

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