Paul Pantone plans TV program for female inventors after release from mental hospital

Paul Pantone discusses the opening of his GEET training school and his plans to host a regular series of television programs that honors female inventors.

It is very disturbing to read accounts about the events that led to the physical torture, neglect, and persecution of Paul Pantone, who was a guest on our show on June 2 to discuss his 3.5 year confinement in a Utah mental hospital.

Pantone is the inventor of the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor that allows cars to run more efficiently and with less pollution using 80% water. When he refused to sell his patents and technology, he was framed for securities fraud and railroaded to a mental ward at the Utah State Hospital in March 2006.

Upon his release from the hospital, he has opened a GEET training school and is seriously thinking of hosting a television program that features female inventors.


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  1. Here is a message from Paul Pantone’s son about the up-coming GEET Classes:

    We are offering Dealership classes only from now on. The goal is to have only 100 Dealers. Each Dealer is Licensed to sign up four Sub-dealers each, for ONLY the US market. If a Dealer has the ability to handle two or twenty employees is his business he has that flexibility. He can make good money selling direct to people he can service in his community.

    The current Dealership License fee is $20,000.00. We require a deposit of 25% of License to attend class and a schedule of payment at the time of classes is written into the License agreement. All people who attend the class are students of GEET, but until the entire ammount is paid one does not have full Dealership rights. As well many Dealers are building more than their consumers need locally and are offering the excess to other Licensed Dealers at a special price. Dealers may also sell Plans or parts to people who are Licensed to buy them.

    Classes are going to be here in Duncan, Oklahoma. And the next class is set for the 22nd of this month. Arrangements must be made 7 days prior to class.

    A second class will be offered in Mid April. Both classes are 5 days long beginning at 7AM and I supply a Lunch for the Dealers. All classes are limited in size and when a class is full, there is no more signups.

    Call me for any and all questions.
    Paul Pantone

  2. Over 1.3 million views to date

    Inventor Jailed (archived YouTube video)
    Uploaded by 36nick4truth on Nov 25, 2009

    Paul was approached by members of the oil cartel that made him offers for his patent, each time he demanded a contractual provision that the invention would actually be used to help man and the planet – The potential buyers always refused –

    One group took Paul to court and argued that Paul was insane, for anyone that would turn down the amount of money that he was offered was surely crazy –

    Paul Pantone was falsely placed in a mental institution where he was tortured in an attempt to get him to sign over all rights to his design

    He was released when an employee realized that Paul was not crazy and the crazy story that he was telling was in fact true.

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