Kim Magdalein explains the origins of the furor at America's Town Hall Meetings

Politicians are infamous for passing laws that cause a crisis so they can be heroes when they solve the problem. Just ask Financial Advisor Kim Magdalein.

Public outcries at recent Town Hall meetings reflect the fact that average Americans are incensed by the legislative actions of their elected representatives in Washington. As seen from Magdalein’s perspective, Americans are mad as heck and refuse to take it anymore.

“Crushing the American dream of prosperity by espousing mediocrity never has worked and it never will work. The goals of mediocrity stifle creativity and drive. Survival is not a goal. Survival is only a goal if in a desperate situation.

Our leaders are creating desperate situations purposely so that survival is the ultimate achievement. Survival is only the beginning of achievement — the first building block of a successful enterprise. Creating stability as a launch pad to success is a worthy goal, but to create chaos to espouse survival is a Socialist’s dream.”

Kim Magdalein challenges America to fight back. Taking an offensive rather than a defensive stance is the only way to beat Socialism.

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