Rayelan, Richard Green and Dr. Syberlux discuss the murder of Michael Jackson

Our three experts link Michael Jackson’s death in June to the diminished role of the U.S. Dollar for foreign trade.

“June 26, 2009 (Bloomberg) – U.S. stocks fell as the highest American savings rate in 15 years spurred concern that spending will slow, while falling oil drove down energy producers. The dollar dropped after China‚Äôs central bank reiterated a call for a worldwide currency.”

Despite its importance as a news story, the Bloomberg report was quickly relegated to the back pages in the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death.

Rumor Mill News was one of the few news sites to consistently support Michael Jackson in his Santa Barbara trial for child molestation. Why did RMN support Jackson when most of the media painted him guilty?

There were many reasons. For one, RMN had inside knowledge that the Santa Barbara D.A. has had a reputation of charging innocent people with crimes that they did not commit. More importantly, we believe that Jackson worked with Faction Two in its battles against the NWO by infiltrating pedophile rings and appearing in numerous television commercials for Pepsi.

Rayelan’s late husband, Gunther Russbacher, said he wanted to kill Joe Jackson for what he did to his son Michael. Rayelan and others believe that Joe Jackson had his son castrated before puberty so his soaring soprano voice would be retained throughout his life. A case can be made that Michael Jackson patterned his stage appearance to resemble that of the most famous Castrato in history, Carlo Broschi Farinelli, so that he could subtly tell the world what had happened to him.

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