Sage advice from Dr. Patricia Doyle: Don't take the seasonal flu vaccine!

Our guest is Dr. Patricia Doyle, who will explain why the public should refuse to be vaccinated for swine flu or other forms of influenza.

From Patricia Doyle, Ph.D.
25 April 2009

Do Not Take The Swine Flu Vaccine!

Remember the Swine Flu outbreak of 1976 that was purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft. Dix. I believe that the virus infected the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. DO NOT take the seasonal flu vaccine if you are told that it could prevent the new Swine Flu variant. It won’t do a thing to prevent this flu! What it will do, instead, is serve up new genetic material for the virus that I have dubbed Spanish Flu 2 (the Sequel). We do not want to give this virus more genetic material so that it can be transmitted more readily from person-to-person. This is what vaccinated individuals do for pandemic strains.

I was duped into taking a Swine Flu shot in 1976 and it made me so sick that I was bedridden for three months!

There is a safety issue with any experimental vaccine. Some people believe that the government’s vaccination program could actually be a binary setup. The first shot could add genetic code that stays dormant until the follow-up vaccine is administered that causes infection or triggers immune-related maladies such as Typhus or Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome.

An Influenza vaccine does not protect or prevent a person from contracting flu! While vaccine proponents claim that it prevents some flu complications and shortens its duration, I am not even sure it does that. I personally feel that vaccines weaken the body’s natural immune system and that they contain contaminants that sickens us even more. I feel that people can better protect themselves by washing their hands thoroughly and often. People should also use protective gloves when out-and-about during epidemics. Don’t be afraid of “looking odd.” I would not be ashamed to use a mask and gloves. I see that the Mexicans are using them.


Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa
Go with God and in Good Health

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