Lon Milo DuQuette reveals the Secrets of Magick, Masonry, and King Solomon's Keys

Author of 15 books on Magick and the Occult, Lon Milo DuQuette is one of the most respected writers and lecturers in the field of the Western Mystery Traditions.

“The purpose of Masonry’s veneration of Solomon is not to advance an alternate view of history, but to present, however subtly, the archetype of the future human being — men and women who truly possess Solomon’s Key — the power to master our own demons and redirect their destructive energy to build the Temple of our own evolving soul.”
—Lon Milo DuQuette

The popularity of Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” has ignited an explosion of public interest in Freemasonry and the role this ancient and secretive fraternity has played in the untold history of Western civilization. What (if any) is Masonry’s connection to the intrigues of the Knights Templars, the crusading order of military monks condemned for heresy and sorcery in the 14th century? Did the Templars, as so many modern commentators are suggesting, really possess a secret so astonishing that it threatened the very existence of the Church of Rome, and the monarchies of Europe whose power rested upon the “Divine Right of Kings?”

A radical Peace activist and recording artist during the 1960’s, Lon Milo DuQuette is an internationally-recognized authority on tarot and Western ceremonial magick who has served as a governing officer for Ordo Templi Orientis (The Order of the Temple of the East) for almost 30 years. His writings have been hailed by experts and novices alike for bringing clarity to these often misunderstood subjects. Although Lon takes these subjects very seriously, he tries not to take himself too seriously. This rare combination of scholarship and humor has earned him a unique and respected position in American spiritual and esoteric literature.

“My Life with the Spirits” is the story of his own life as a practicing ceremonial magician. Robert Anton Wilson calls it, “The best all-around introduction to Western Occultism — sane, sensible, down-to-earth and wonderfully witty.”

Reviewers have compared DuQuette’s wit and quirky writing style to that of Mark Twain and Robert Benchley. Audiences describe the experience as a cascade of mesmerizing information, laughter and terror.

Lon is a faculty member of the Omega Institute and the Maybe Logic Academy run by Robert Anton Wilson.

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