Karen Tate shares her special knowledge about Sacred Places and the Sacred Feminine

A radio show host, scholar, and author, Karen Tate shares her knowledge about women-centered multiculturalism evident in archaeology, anthropology and mythology.

Karen’s first book, “Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations,” received a prestigious endorsement from Stephen Gerringer of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. The National Best Books of 2008 Awards chose her second book, “Walking an Ancient Path, Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth,” as a finalist in the spirituality category.

Her work has been featured by major newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Seattle Times. She is frequently interviewed on radio and television and hosts two radio shows: Voices of the Sacred Feminine and Earth’s Sacred Places.

Karen combines her unique knowledge and expertise to consult on projects that can bring the ideals and awareness of the Sacred Feminine into the mainstream world.

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