Rick Lipani and Patricia Ress discuss Time Travel and the Afterlife

Our featured guests are Rick Lipani and Patricia Griffin Ress, who will talk about out-of-body experiences (OBEs), the afterlife, and Steven Gibbs’ time machine.

Patricia Ress is a journalist for a Louisiana newspaper who also co-hosts the NIGHTSEARCH radio show that is broadcast out of Memphis. She’s researched paranormal phenomena for over 30 years and has written four books about time travel, focusing most of her writings to the time machine invented by Steven Gibbs that’s known as the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR).

One of her books that’s published under a pseudonym (Bernadette Bay O’Shaughnessy) is a time-travel romance set in 1990s London that’s titled, “The Letters From Inverness Terrace.”

Her first book about Steven Gibbs and his time machine is titled, “Stranger Than Fiction: The True Time Travel Adventures of Steven L. Gibbs.” Her most recent book is called, “Why I Believe That The HDR Works And Time-Travel Is Possible.”

Through her research, she’s uncovered all sorts of unusual phenomena, such as a case where a man wound up in both Canada and South America and eventually found himself on board a space ship headed for another galaxy!

Rick Lipani is a musical composer, baker, and chef who, long ago, discovered that he could readily experience an out-of-body state to visit other times and realms of existence. His most recent OBE excursion took him to the Land of the Dead to visit with his beloved wife, Cathy. Patricia Ress has documented many of Rick’s stories in her writings.

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