To escape from the bondage of mind control, listen as Dean speaks from personal experience

Our guest Dean is a mind-control victim whose ordeal began when he was five years old. He has experienced horrors that most people can’t imagine.

Dean has never been officially drafted into the military. He is known under several aliases that carry a rank as high as Colonel or Lt. General. When assigned to the field, he is either part of a SEAL team or attached to Delta Force.

Dean knows a few tricks to determine if you’ve been the target of a mind-control operation. Sadly, most victims have NO idea that they have been programmed and used against their will because their memories have been erased.

Rayelan’s second husband, Gunther Russbacher, experienced similar types of mind control and torture by his North Korean handlers when he was a POW in Laos. Click here to read part one of Gunther’s eye-opening article entitled, Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate.

The subject matter discussed on today’s program is not easy to listen to because many things that Dean talks about are completely opposite to what’s projected in the mainstream media by our NWO handlers.

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