Steven Halpern shares secrets of his special healing music

Steven Halpern is an award-winning composer who combines ancient sound healing traditions with energy medicine and quantum biology to produce recordings that heal and relax the mind and body.

Based on his spiritual and personal health experiences, Steven Halpern discovered the secret to composing music that is an ideal complement for meditation, yoga, therapeutic bodywork, psychological counseling, and accelerated learning.

His debut recording, Chakra Suite, was released in 1975 and helped establish a new genre in contemporary instrumental music. To date, Chakra Suite has sold over 700,000 copies. Other best-selling recordings include Peace Of Mind, Music For Sound Healing, Inner Peace, In The Om Zone, and Deja-Blues.

Halpern is more than just a musician and composer. He is also an author, media spokesperson, seminar leader, and entrepreneur who helped create the alternative market for lifestyle support music outside the traditional music industry. Keyboard Magazine calls Halpern “one of the 30 most influential keyboard artists of the past 50 years.”

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