Paul Guercio of the MERLIN Project shares more information how the Future Happens

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Paul Guercio, the futurist who co-founded the MERLIN Project® with Dr. George Hart, the physicist who invented the excimer laser (LASIK).

Encountering MERLIN we’re told, can be a lot like discovering sex. You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever managed to get along successfully without it. Whether you’re looking over your first timetrak® or reading through your copy of How the Future Happens, previewing the actual timetable of future events with a probability approaching 80%, can be a life-changing experience.

Who knew that timing could change the future? Well actually, the occasional gifted seer knew. That’s probably the only reason curiosities like astrology still survive. It’s not so much what they got wrong, it’s what they got RIGHT! A few assorted mystics, the Mayans, various Native American peoples and others, each made notes of the matrix that time weaves, in its cycles and patterns and periods.

Time appears to function much like a symphony, with movements and passages that define character and tempo and mood. If, as our research suggests, each moment of time writes it’s own unique symphony, then knowing which moment is.. which could be extraordinarily useful in controlling the form and fabric of future events.

© 2007 Paul Guercio and Dr. George Hart, MERLIN Project® Research

Click below to hear the last 8 minutes of today’s interview with Paul Guercio that Rayelan discussed in the Rumor Mill News Reading Room. The entire 3-hour interview is available by subscription, only (choose Sign Up from the top menu or sidebar).

Click here to read about Paul Guercio’s May 20th appearance on our radio program.

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