Kevin Courtois and Bill Kirkland tell how to break bad habits using Ascension Energy

Bill Kirkland, inventor of a Bio-resonance device, joins RMN Agent Kevin Courtois (kbcjedi) in sharing how this amazing technology can be used to change the course of our lives.

Quantum physics states that human beings are resonant standing waves of Energy called holograms. Ascension can be viewed as the process of raising one’s cellular vibratory rate from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. Russian studies confirm that DNA responds to language and sound that can also be expressed as frequency. These scientific reports support what ancient alchemy and esoteric religions have been telling us for millennia that Man creates his own reality with his mind, emotions, and will.

St. Germain was reported to have discovered the Elixir of Life that enabled him to live over 300 years in the same body without aging. An elixir can be viewed as frequency-in-a-bottle. Bio-resonance technology substitutes an electronic machine for an elixir, enabling humans to ascend the mountain of consciousness to attain our desired goals (whatever they may be) much more quickly than before.

Click here to read Kevin Courtois’ RMN article called, “Ascension Energy Newsletter: The Void and the Dark Night of the Soul.

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