Barbara Young talks about the Cosmic Evolutionary Design, aka Great Cycle of Life

Dr. Barbara Young is a Christian Mystic who will discuss the Knights Templars, the Sword Excalibur, The Da Vinci Code, Chakras, and the Great Cycle of Life.

A student of Christian Mysticism for over 30 years, Dr. Young has a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Theology. During childhood, she experienced her first encounters with External Apparitions of Light Figures. Prior to and during her post-graduate program, she gained valuable work experience in missile system technology, in the medical field, and in oceanographic research.

After receiving her advanced degrees, she began a 20-year journey where she educated her diverse audience (scientists, clergymen, teachers, medical researchers, and the public at-large) about their spiritual nature and true purpose in life.

The Cosmic Evolutionary Design that provides the means to advance all sentient spiritual beings is referred to as the Great Cycle of Life. The six stages are: Eden, the Fall, Mortal/Hades, the DivineLife Program (which begins with the Awakening), the Rise, and the Crown Stage.

The symbols for the Great Cycle of Life are: a wheel with six spokes, a corn stalk with three branches on each side, the Menorah with three candles on each side of the “Crown” candle, a Tree with three branches on each side, and a human-dissected cerebellum that displays three branches on each side of the core.

Additional Commentary
“Once upon a time in the center of our spiraling Galaxy, Via Lactea, God your Mother gave birth to your Spirit. Out of the millions of spiritual beings She Creates, your spirit is special in that it is sentient, which means you are created to go outward to know creation. And, of your own free will, over centuries of rebirth of the Spirit, you have evolved an individualized reasoning personality. By now, you are well underway to graduate from the last half of your DivineLife Program, as an Individualized Being of Pure Light.”
-Dr. Barbara Young

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