Matthew Socie, age 24, spreads his message of truth and freedom via the Internet

Shaken from his narrow worldview by the events of 9/11, Matthew Socie is awakening friends and family to how they can be empowered to peaceably resist tyranny.

For a number of years, I had the feeling that there was something very wrong with the world but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now, I feel that it is my personal responsibility to do all that I can to make the world a better place, starting right here in my community.

The Internet has been a shining light in my life. As great as the Internet is, however, I realize that there is a whole world outside of the computer that is completely unaware.

Knowing the problem is only half the battle. Knowing what to do about it is the next step. I have formed the Blair County Truther’s Society in an attempt to spread the message in my hometown. I have also started a Facebook group called the Global Non-Compliance Center.

-Matthew Socie

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