Lanaia Lee shares her life story and her new book, Skulls of Salvation

Confined to a wheelchair due to a stroke, Lanaia Lee inspires true hope. Using her one good hand, she has written her second book called Skulls of Salvation.

Lanaia Lee’s life story reads like a Shakespearean tragedy. At age 9, her mother died from a stroke. Her grandmother, a professed witch, gained custody until she abandoned Lanaia after she turned 14. After being abandoned by her grandmother, Lanaia spent time with four sets of foster parents. As an young adult, Lanaia suffered through two divorces and three miscarriages. At age 36, she experienced a massive stroke, one month after filing for bankruptcy. Due to the stroke, she lost the ability to walk.

Lanaia found work at a vocational trade school to help with her rehabilitation. She regained the ability to drive a car. She eventually met David, her soul mate, whom she married in 1992. In 2001, David dared her to write a poem. Out of curiosity, she posted it in an online poetry forum. The feedback was so positive, she kept writing. At first, she wrote just poems, then short stories, and finally novels.

Lanaia has embarked on a five-part book series, starting with her first novel, “Of Atlantis.” Her second book, “Skulls of Salvation,” is a modern day tale about Damien and his beautiful wife, Ionna. Damien is a disciple of Archimedes, one of the Kings of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Ionna is a direct descendant of the Mayan king, Pacal.

Together, they search for the legendary Crystal Skulls of Belize in order to prevent the evil forces from ending civilization on the Mayan Calendar end date of December 21, 2012.

“Eternal life is just mind control. The mind is a very powerful.”
-Lanaia Lee

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