Sheldan Nidle says we are getting closer to becoming one with our ET brethren

Don’t get discouraged by earth changes! The tide is turning in a positive way, according to Sheldan Nidle, founder of the Planetary Activation Organization.

Sheldan Nidle, who most recently appeared on our radio program on Sep. 4, is a representative of the Galactic Federation of Light and author of several best-selling books, including: You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, Your First Contact, and Your Galactic Neighbors. His galactic contacts communicate with him directly (without channeling) to provide weekly updates on Earth’s true history and destiny.

Sheldan has advanced degrees in Political Science and International Public Administration and also has a background in science and Tesla technology. Included in today’s talk is a discussion about the recent earthquake in Haiti and whether it was a natural event or man-made.


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4 Responses to Sheldan Nidle says we are getting closer to becoming one with our ET brethren

  1. Paula Tuttle

    Please have Sheldan Nidal on as often as he will appear!

  2. Dear Paula, Thank you for your positive feedback, which was forwarded to Rayelan. And, thank you for being a supporting member of Rumor Mill News and RAYEDIO Lounge. Your support helps keep our broadcast on the air!

  3. Hello! I tried to play / download this interview, but it’s only 2.1MB and 17 minutes long and contains no sound at all…

    Can you please fix this – I’d love to hear Sheldan’s latet interview!!!


  4. Hello, Steve, Thanks for your feedback. I don’t know why you are unable to hear any sound when you try to play Sheldan’s podcast from our free sample site. Others have been able to play the podcast without difficulty. Are you able to play any of the other recordings from this page? These are standard mp3 files that should be playable on most computer systems. Also, please be advised that the full-length interviews with each of our radio guests are only available to paid subscribers. For as little as $6.99 USD, you can join our growing list of radio show supporters that enable us to keep this web site up-and-running. The simple sign-up procedure is available on:

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