Mark Cobb discusses the therapeutic products that use light emitting diode technology

Mark Cobb is President of Medical Devices, Inc., a Florida firm that manufactures pain therapy devices that employ photo-light technology developed by NASA.

The near-infrared energy from light emitting diodes offers a safe, effective, and non-invasive alternative to drugs and conventional pain therapy devices. Using high tech products like the Medlight 630 Pro, patients can manage their level of pain and the physical effects of aging.

Mark Cobb is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate visionary whose checkered career in the technology industry spans over 35 years. In addition to serving in key executive positions at AT&T, IT&T, BellSouth, Metromedia Communications, and Phone One, Mark has founded several start-ups, including USA Digital, Inc., and Aircode USA.

Mr. Cobb will be participating in a panel discussion at the Conscious Life Expo called, “How Light Nourishes the Body.” The expo will be held at the Airport Hilton in Los Angeles from Feb. 12-15, 2010.

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