Michael Mandeville talks about Earth Changes and more!

Michael Mandeville’s ability to analyze Earth changes stems from his scientific background and passionate interest in political, economic, and spiritual affairs.

Mandeville became interested in the physical sciences while serving in the Navy as an electronics technician, working with radar and radio communications. He later studied history, science, economics, and psychology at the University of Washington and became a doctoral student in classical political theory and modern systems theory in 1972

After finishing college, Mandeville worked for 25 years in energy technology and business planning as an artist and consultant. While working for various businesses, he broadened his perspective by incorporating spiritual meditation practices.

Starting in the early 1990’s, Mandeville began his incredible journey into the Great Unknown.

• Following the lead of cold fusion researchers, Mandeville proved in a series of experiments that it was possible to use inexpensive electrochemicals to transform radioactive elements into inert elements like lead and the catalytic metals.

• Drawing on archeological and geological discoveries from the past 50 years, he has been able to corroborate many of the clairvoyant visions that Edgar Cayce had about the ancient world and how geological change occurred.

• Using geophysical databases and several decades of research about sediment and ice layers, he has been able to demonstrate that the off-center wobbling motion of the Earth (Chandler’s Wobble) is one of the primary causes of the movement of the tectonic plates which, in turn, causes the waxing-and-waning of earthquake activity, volcanism, and the weather phenomenon known as El Niño.

Who would have thought that underwater volcanism was so active that it can heat up the oceans and change the climate in major regions of the world? But it does! This effect is easily seen by comparing the regular ebb and flow of visible volcanism with the “beat” of the Earth’s wobble. All three clearly “dance” together – a process that Mandeville calls “Vortex Tectonics.”

By comparing Earth changes in terms of primary geophysical trends (seismic activity, volcanic activity, greenhouse gases, shift in the average location of the wobble, average energy in the world’s oceans, average temperature in the surface atmosphere), Mandeville is able to demonstrate that Global Warming is not caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases, but rather as the product of natural geological processes that tend to rise and fall together.

Since 2000, Mandeville has been publishing a web-based newsletter about major earth trends and events that’s called, “The Earth Changes Bulletin.” Books written by Mandeville include “Return of the Phoenix” (a three-volume set about Cayce’s predictions) and “The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006.” He is now writing a new book titled, “The Nine Trends Changing The Earth 1875-2025: How Global Warming Is Caused By Underwater Volcanism And Why Greenhouse Gas Is Just Hot Air”

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