William Griffith talks about the Guiding Voice behind the writing of his book, Higher Forces

Higher Forces is a story based on dream experiences that is wrapped in intriguing myths and secrets that suggest a possible future of our world.

Higher Forces
by William J. Griffith
ISBN: 1-58851-304-1, 322 pages, 6 x 9

Excerpt from Chapter 4, page 65:

Out of the void comes a voice that is cordial and forgiving, then a distinct male presence becomes clear—-he seems to know all the hopes and fears trapped and waiting.

“Hear me as a guiding voice, or messenger if you please. So, you have heard amd envisioned some of the saga, and you know—or have an idea at least of what may be going on. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?”

A lethargic conscience snaps in the spirits of the few scattered minds which find his voice riddling into and through their dreams each night. Their will collapsed beneath their silent slumber, the dreamers are separate yet united by his words but they can only listen with wait as he continues the conundrum through the late night hours.

“My voice that guides you is your trumpet, your summons. Be it known that the final hour approaches and all living things are condemned to suffer. Waste no time, fear not the ambiguity of your feelings, reality has only sought to suppress your needful confidence. Soon the time will come for the deliverance of a new system—-the guardians must make their stands, the new kings and queens must make their demands. For we, the messengers, have seen the turbulence grow but felt your coming in the winds that blow. There is hope yet, by you, though the future is still a blur.”

“We know the hand of God, and see it has five fingers, five for the men and women of all the races as new rulers of his choice to crown! Now is the time, I say! Awaken you sleepers, awaken and act out the fire burning inside you so that we, I, may see! Who are you? Where are you?”

“What are you saying, what are you talking about?” she cried aloud in the blind agony of her mind. “Is this a dream?”

“So, someone has found their light after all,” he answered in a whisper she could feel on the outside as it blew in her ear.

“Who are you?” she asked nervously, trying to tell herself that it was all just a dream. “I can’t see anything of where you are.”

“It is a dream, My Dear, it does not matter where I am, only that I am with you now.”

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