Discussion with Rob Simone: World-renown expert about unexplained phenomena

Dr. Robin Falkov interviews award-winning media personality and author Rob Simone about the many mysterious and sacred places that he has seen and written about.

Rob Simone currently serves as Executive Director of Universal Sound and Light Productions and founded The Association of Independent Researchers (A.I.R.). A featured writer for FATE magazine, he was named one of the Top 100 Ufologists by the magazine along with Zecharia Sitchin, Dan Aykroyd, and Steven Spielberg.

Based in Los Angeles, Rob hosts his own radio talk show where he interviews some of the most interesting people on the planet. His radio broadcasts are heard in a number of markets worldwide, including Australia, Katmandu, and London. Rob has been a featured guest on the Art Bell Show as well as FOX News, CNN, Nippon TV, CCTV, Channel 4 U.K., and the two-hour History Channel program called “Decoding The Past.”

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