Ned Ryun tells how political neophytes trained in Tea Party ideals are winning local elections

Community activists trained in Tea Party ideals are making inroads in local elections, thanks, in large measure, to Ned Ryun, President of American Majority.

It can be argued that the grassroots message of discontent first became evident when John McCain received a significant bounce in the polls immediately after he named Sarah Palin as his running mate prior to the 2008 Presidential Election. It became much more apparent in January when Scott Brown pulled the Senate-seat upset win in Massachusetts. More recently, the influence of Tea Party supporters was readily apparent when Republican Congressman Ron Paul won the straw poll at the CPAC convention.

Today’s guest, Ned Ryun, is one of a handful of authorities who can readily explain the growth and excitement of this spontaneous and suddenly powerful movement.

The son of former U.S. Congressman Jim Ryun, Ned served as speechwriter for President George W. Bush. The Tea Party movement is ablaze with over 5,000 political candidates who have been trained by Ned to run for office. Political changes are taking place in major cities like Detroit and Dallas, where Tea Party voters are affecting city and state referendums and Tea Party candidates are winning primary elections. Even in Jolly Old England, politician Daniel Hannan is picking up America’s Tea Party torch and waving it on the floor in Parliament.

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