Dr. Robin Falkov interviews Mike Bara about UFO's and the Alien Event Expo

Aerospace engineering consultant Mike Bara is the co-author of the New York Times non-fiction bestseller, “Dark Mission – the Secret History of NASA.”

Mike Bara is often called upon to speak at UFO conferences, appearing in venues such the Bay Area UFO Expo and the CE4 UFO conference in Roswell. He will be appearing at the 2012 Alien Event Global conference that will be held at the Olympic Collection Conference Center in Los Angeles from March 20-21.

Mike stars in the documentary film “Moon Rising” and is producing a documentary film based on his book, “Dark Mission.” He is currently working on his next non-fiction book called “The Choice,” which is scheduled for publication in October 2010. In his previous career, Mike worked for a variety of aerospace companies in the field of engineering and computer-aided design.

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