Doctah B prescribes herbs to help your body remove harmful parasites and excitotoxins

Doctah B Sirius, aka Doctah B, is a natural health consultant and master herbalist who created quite a stir when he appeared on our radio show on July 24 and 27.

Doctah B has developed numerous natural health products and formulas that have helped thousands regain their health, including many who were considered incurable by the medical establishment. Industry professionals have called his herbal parasite detoxification programs and healing formulas the very best.

Doctah B is the co-creator of Medicine Music™ and is a certified facilitator of personal transformation techniques such as PSYCH-K, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Subconscious Alignment Technology.

His diverse and colorful background includes stints as a radio talk show host and magazine columnist. He has been quoted in prominent publications such as Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal and teaches at UCLA Extension. A founding member of The Herban Shamen Coalition, Doctah B is also affiliated with Elevation Foundation For Abundant Life, a natural health store and research facility based in Los Angeles.


* Discover Ways to Balance the Mind for success, using PSYCH-K, NLP, and Sub Conscious alignment techniques.

* Learn about Herbs and supplements that help Revitalize Your Life and Heal from Almost Any Disease.

* Experience A Higher Love, a discussion of healthy love relationships and sacred sex.

* Holistic Living 101, Discover ways to create balance in your life.

* Guess What (parasites) Came to Dinner, What’s Eating You Inside Out?

* Quantum Healing & Life Transformation, Become a Conscious Co-Creator of your destiny.

* Change Your Language And Change Your Life. The Power Of Words.

* Become rich and create abundance in your life.

* Cut, Clear and Delete Disease Causing Negative Energy.

* Detoxify your life and heal from Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, AIDS, and many incurable diseases.

* Elevate Your Life Forever Creating Balance and Prosperity.

* Find the Fountain of Youth and Beauty Naturally.

* Use Herbs to Supercharge the Body’s Natural Defenses.

* Lose Weight and Stay Young and Beautiful Naturally.

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