Wayne Jett exposes the massive fraud that suppresses the prices of gold and silver

Our resident economist, Wayne Jett, discusses a Mar. 25 meeting where attendees received shocking news of fraudulent trading in the precious metals markets.

For years, respected industry spokespersons such as GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) chairman Bill Murphy have asserted that central banks, government officials, and Wall Street have been co-conspiring to artificially suppress the market price of gold and silver for their own financial benefit.

On Mar. 25, Murphy, London metals trader Andrew Maguire, and other industry experts had a chance to express their views and concerns at the CFTC Open Meeting to Examine Metals Futures and Options Markets.

As noted in this YouTube video, Andrew Maguire and his wife were broadsided in a hit-and-run accident, one week after he exposed the systemic fraud in the precious metals markets that was being committed by the likes of JPMorgan Chase with the help of the CFTC.

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  1. King World News

    BOMBSHELL RELEASE – Harvey & Lenny Organ & Adrian Douglas: Drop Another Bombshell In What Could End Up Being The Largest Fraud In History – King World News was contacted again by Adrian Douglas, Board of Director for Gata with stunning new information involving the man he testified with at the CFTC meeting Harvey Organ. Harvey, who was invited by the CFTC to testify and his son Lenny describe another piece of the puzzle in what could turn out to be the largest fraud in history. This time a large international bank with almost 15 million customers in 50 countries around the world becomes part of this unfolding saga.


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