Cosmic Awareness, channeled by Will Berlinghof, demystifies the nature of the Divine Force

Cosmic Awareness lit up the phone lines during his Mar. 8 interview and returns to answer more questions about the Pure Consciousness that permeates All.

Cosmic Awareness defines itself as the Divine Vibration of the Universe so it can’t be misconstrued to be an entity or personality. It is the same Force that all the great avatars of the past tapped into for their spiritual wisdom and insight. Today’s guest, Will Berlinghof of Calgary, Canada, communicates with Cosmic Awareness by allowing his mind and body to enter into a deep trance.

From the book “Who, In Fact, You Really Are”
by Cosmic Awareness

What if the Creator were to give you a “college education” about the nature of the Universe and answer some of your deepest questions, including explaining the true nature and structure of the Universe, how to perform magic and manifest physical things, the nature of time and space in relation to consciousness, and most importantly, the absolute answer of Who, In Fact, You Really Are?

You have found that book.

This amazing information begins with Cosmic Awareness explaining what It is, how the Universe and humans were created, and leads you through birth, childhood, adulthood, magic, sex, death and far beyond into other dimensions and systems — explaining all of the mysterious “Secrets of the Universe” that everyone is looking for. It is some of the most relevant, fascinating and spiritually uplifting information ever released on Earth.

Click here to go to a special website to download each chapter of “Who, In Fact, You Really Are” that is available for free as individual PDF documents.

*** Decree To Release All Vows From Other Lifetimes ***

I request and require the Hand of God, All That Is, to be with me in consciousness and act to support me in this, my decree.

I (your name), now solemnly rescind any and all vows that I have taken in any lifetime, dimension or frequency associated with this or any other planet in order to experience the illusion of unconsciousness.

As Lightbearer of my genetic lineage, I break these vows for myself in all my incarnations, and for all of my ancestors.

I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across time and space, parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all Source systems and all dimensions.

I ask for the release of all crystals, devices, thought-forms, emotions, matrices, spells, veils, cellular memory, pictures of reality, genetic limitation and death… NOW!

Under the Law of Grace and by the Decree of Victory!

By the Decree of Victory!
By the Decree of Victory!

As Spirit wills, I ask for Awakening.

As Spirit wills, I AM Awake!

In the beginning, I AM THAT I AM!




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  1. Many thanks, Rayelan, for putting Cosmic Awareness on your show! I hope we get to hear much more of Cosmic Awareness in the near future. Its answers are concise, straightforward and uncannily accurate! I have never heard anything like it anywhere!

    L.A., Utah

  2. Good afternoon, This is an outstanding post, but I was wondering how to suscribe to the RSS feed?

  3. To W.J. and others with questions about subscribing via RSS: In the right sidebar of the RAYEDIO Lounge home page, click the link titled “SUBSCRIBE in a reader” that will take you to a FeedBurner page that lists the last 12 shows. In the right sidebar, there is a list of actions that are available. Select one from the list (e.g., Add Bookmark).

  4. Thank you for your post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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