John Edmonds describes the healings that result from rehabilitating abandoned horses

John Edmonds and his wife Joyce co-founded Hopeful Hooves, a nonprofit that provides loving care for unwanted and unmanageable horses in need of resettlement.

Shortly after graduating from college in 1990, John Edmonds suffered a serious back injury that left him disabled and unemployed. A passionate horse lover like his wife, John began his recovery process by feeding and caring for horses that he found in the desert who had been abandoned by their previous owners and left to fend for themselves.

He soon acquired several new friends who accepted him as their surrogate father! By investing his time, energy, and positive intentions, John slowly regained his health and found his life’s passion. Over time, it became apparent that Equine Therapy was a great way to live life in a new direction. By saving the horses, John was able to save himself. He eventually went back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work in 2002. Through their 501(c)(3) organization, John and Joyce play a major role in rehabilitating abandoned and unwanted horses.

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