Meet Peggy Black: Sacred Sound Salutarist, Lecturer, and Healer

Peggy Black has been involved in the healing arts for 35 years. She uses sacred sounds to help clients discover and release the source of their “dis-ease.”

A Salutarist such as Peggy Black is one who honors wholeness by utilizing the beneficial attributes of sacred sound.

Peggy performs transformational and healing rituals at sacred sites throughout the world. Her amazing work has been chronicled by the mainstream press and on radio and television. She leads lectures and workshops at international venues such as the Healing Our World Conference of 2003 and the Sound Healer’s Training organized by Tom Kenyon.

At the International Sound Symposium of 2002, Peggy created the concept of Global Community Sound Pods that empower and facilitate others to tone, chant, and freely play with sound. In 2007, she joined Dr. Masaru Emoto in serving as the Ceremonialist for the sacred water ceremony on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise. She has produced an audio CD called “Moon Eclipsed by Sound” that alters consciousness and opens doorways into inner realms.

In private sessions, Peggy uses her gifts and voice to assist clients in their own healing and transformation. She maintains several web sites that focus on her work and has written a prayer (reproduced with permission) to transform the economic anxiety felt by many people around the globe.

Prayer to Cleanse the Currency

I call upon the beloved I AM, the All That Is the Divine Source, Angels, Archangels and the Celestial Realms of Love and Light to support and assist this process.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with others as we unite to transform the matrix of our financial reality as we cleanse and clear all currency of any energetic discordance.

With clear intention I envision the currency and money being energetically cleansed. I envision this currency now going out blessing everyone and everything it touches.

I envision the power of the Pure White Light and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, moving through all banks and financial institutions uplifting and cleansing the entire monetary reality of the world. With this action of sacred service I join with others to transmute anything unlike the highest and the best financial well-being for all.

I allow this transforming process to include all aspects of my personal financial reality, the money that I earn, spend, save and the money I owe. All my financial beliefs and transactions are blessed and uplifted.

It is with gratitude that I now accept the Divine blessings of abundance of in my life and in the lives of the global family. Abundance of prosperity, health, peace, joy and financial grace I now accept for myself and all humanity. So Be It and So it is

© 2009 Peggy Black. All Right Reserved.

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